Memo to all restaurants, please refrain from advertising your "hot deals" after this mishap in Texas.

For those unaware, Jack In The Box is a wonderful restaurant that we haven't been lucky to have in the Ark-La-Tex for a long long time. While I'm on this, let me just say now that we have Uber, it's time we bring back Jack In The Box!

Anyways, at a JITB in Dallas, disaster nearly struck for the entire restaurant. Somehow, someway a truck caught fire in the drive-thru line. I still haven't found out how or why the truck caught fire, but it certainly did and it was nearly catastrophic.

The truck was set ablaze and appeared to be very close to setting the actual restaurant on fire as well.

At about that time, a police officer pulled in to save the day. Using his patrol car, he rammed the truck out of harms way and into the parking lot where they could safely put out the blaze.

You have to see this!