Ah, the things you'll find on the internet.

You may have seen this "trend" on social media recently, but it's more like a worldwide discovery. After all these year, humans have finally (it seems) figured out something about our own anatomy that we've never known.

Our feet are apparently the same size as our forearms.

Yep, we've finally done it, we've finally and collectively made this discovery. My only question here is how did we not find this sooner?

Believe it or not, an anime television show actually broke this news because of course they did. The show is called "Case Closed" and once the episode aired, everyone on the planet has been testing it out for themselves.

Buzzfeed ran a survey to get some accurate results. They found that nearly 80% of all surveyors reported their foot was the exact same size as their forearm.

Sadly, I'm not nearly as flexible as those posting their results, but from the looks of things, I think I'm in with the 80% on this one.

Test it out and vote below so we can find out how the Ark-La-Tex fares as opposed to the rest of the country!