I'm intrigued by roller derby. Maybe because my buddy Ayo was so involved with one of the teams in Dallas? Perhaps my interest stems from the episode of Brett Michael's Rock of Love where his love interests compete for his heart while 'derby-ing?' Heck, roller derby is so big, they even tried it on the Bachelor!

Either way, there's something sexy about a derby girl. She's strong, she's determined, she doesn't let anything get in her way... Frankly, she's bad ass!!! And if you're a Twin City Knocker, you have a big heart.

At each of the TCK home bouts they dedicate a portion of their proceeds to a local charity. The says a lot! This Saturday the Knockers are taking on the East Texas Bombers. This is the first time the teams have met since 2011. TCK is looking to extend it's winning streak. Get out and support our 2013 undefeated Twin City Knockers this Saturday night! Don't miss it! Partial proceeds are going to the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, there will be music from The Rusty Shacklefords and some seriously kick ass chicks on skates!

Interview with the Twin City Knockers Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twin City Knockers Signed Poster