Remember the UL student who got his tuition paid by Nicki Minaj?

Well, it's time for us to raise our glass for Twitter user @socialenemy_ because he just went from student to graduate and he is giving a lot of the credit to pop icon Nicki Minaj for helping him along the way.

A few years ago Nicki Minaj randomly dropped a tweet telling one of her followers to show her proof that they had straight A's and she would handle their tuition.


As more of her followers reached out to Minaj she blessed them randomly, paying for books and other expenses related to their education.


One after the other, Nicki blessed these students randomly with the things they needed to get through college.


This would soon turn into a scholarship program that Nicki would refer to as her #StudentOfTheGame charity.

Artavion was one of the first students that got blessed by Nicki's generous offerings to help students continue their higher education, something she often preaches to her followers because it's something she never had the chance to do.

You can read his story in The Vermilion from 2017 here, but to see things come full circle is definitely something special. Artavion spoke with KATC about graduating describing the moment he saw Nicki's offer on Twitter and decided to shoot his shot.

I tweeted mine and she saw it. She quoted it and said send me the info, I’ll pay it. About a week later, her assistant messaged me from her account and in the next few days, my balance was zero. It really meant a lot to me, especially to my mom.

Artavion's next move is medical school and he plans to start applying in the summer of 2021.

Let this serve as proof that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Artavion took his, and he scored.

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