Downtown Shreveport is known for cultivating culture of all types.  Music, movies, food, and so much more are regularly indulged in and celebrated on our streets - and more festivals are being added all the time.  Coming this July 28th at Crystal Stairs, the First Annual Shreveport Urban Film Festival is set to showcase specially selected short films made by African-American directors and writers from across the United States.

Tickets are $20, and will cover your admission to all of the action.  The films will be shown in succession, and the total run time should be around two and a half hours.  12 short films will be celebrated, but some of them will not be suitable for children - so plan for a grown-up night.  The goal of this festival is show you some fantastic films that don't have the benefit of huge budgets, giant stars, and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.  If you are a fan of the medium and magic of movies - you'll love the care and craftsmanship put into each and every one of these films.

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