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The past year or so has felt like an episode of the X-Files. Former world leaders, people that were in powerful positions, have confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Some have gone as far as to say that the US Government is in possession of items not made of this world. Navy Pilots have gone on the record about some of the unexplainable things they have witnessed. The Pentagon has been releasing official UFO footage from some of those encounters. It really felt like we were about to get official, 100% confirmation that aliens are real and our lives would forever change.

However, in typical US Government fashion, that is not the case. Because, much like every good episode of the X-Files, the official stance is deny everything, or at the very least, act like they don't know what's going on. And, according to a new article from the New York Times, that's pretty much what the Government is doing in a new report that 'investigates' more than 100 hard to explain incidents spanning over 20 years.

The report basically states: "We can tell you that none of the incidents reported were due to American military or US Government technology. We don't think it's aliens...but I guess we can't rule it out either, we guess". Now, allegedly, Congress will release the full, classified version of this report later this month...but experts don't believe that there will be much more information released than we already have.

Will we ever get a firm answer about what's going on in the skies? Do aliens exist? Has some foreign country developed technology far more advanced than we can imagine and are using said tech to spy on us? Is the US Government really behind all this stuff and they don't want us to know? The answer to all those questions is simple: the truth is out there. Someone just needs to find it.

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