You know, I'm a big lover of fails. But this is the fail of them all. You could say, this fail is the "king of the castle" of fails.

Apparently there was a big championship in Kuwait recently, and Kazakhstan was so proud when their shooting team took home the big metal.

The organizers at the function took great care in making sure they had the anthem for every country downloaded and ready for the moving awards ceremony.

So, when they downloaded the theme for Kazakhstan...they had no reason to question it, right?

Yeah, unless you have seen the movie Borat...which is the best buy I've ever had on a movie in my life. It's so so many ways, but every time I see it, I laugh as hard or harder than the time before.

Fortunately, the audio on this dramatic clip has drowned out some of the ridiculousness which is the fake anthem... Like, "Kazakhstan has the cleanest pros*****s in the region." You should see her face when THAT part gets sung.

You'd think there'd be a little more preparation honoring people who win a SHOOTING competition. But she keeps her hand over her heart the whole time.

In the defence of Kuwait, Borat was banned from their theaters, so they just didn't know. Digital Journal says that this isn't the first time the anthem went wrong. Apparently in their OWN country recently, a ski tournament played "Livin' la Vida Loca" instead of the theme. Now how does THAT happen?

The dramatic photography kills me.