Better call your mom and make sure she held on to you Disney collection.

You know, I've been out of the house for ten years now, but I still find myself calling my mom and asking if she still has some of my favorite things from my childhood. Like my Norman Rockwell puzzles, my favorite Barbie doll or even just old magazine clippings. It's always the same answer, "Well that went to the thrift shop."

And it's probably in Macklemore's hands by now.

Hopefully your mother didn't throw out your old VHS tapes OR you were smart enough to keep them for yourself because according to AOL, those tapes could be worth some money! I hope they're not yanking our chain in hopes of becoming a relevant form of communication on the internet again.

But it's looking legitimate.

Many old VHS tapes are going for thousands of dollars on eBay. We live in the age of nostalgia so literally anything that reminds us of the past can be bought for high dollar. The more rare the VHS, the better. Some select editions of classic films are going for $10,000!

To find out which tapes are the most valuable, check out AOL's slideshow.

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