Truck drivers are (for the most part) some of the most talented drivers on the road. No amount of talent could have stopped this from happening.

In fact, I believe the only way this could have possibly been avoided is for the driver to simply not take the route.

Seriously, I've seen truck drivers pull off some pretty amazing tight squeezes and turns, but this is just impossible. A viral video has hit the internet showing a massive big rig slide, slip, and fall off a mountain road. Apparently, there is a sign on this exact road that specifies no vehicles over 39-feet were allowed. Truck drivers do what truck drivers want, as anyone who takes I-20 regularly knows all-to-well.

Naturally, the truck never stood a chance, and came crashing into the ditch. The driver, luckily, was unharmed... The truck... Not so much.

Hey, still better than Youree Drive #AmIRight?


WARNING: F-Bomb in the footage below.