I'm sorry, I don't care how "tame" a lion is, I don't want to get close to it.

This is actually closer than close. This is like lap-dog style... But with a full-grown lion. This insane footage comes from a safari park Crimea, where they drive tourists around and let them enjoy the wonders of fully-tamed lions.

This lion, in particular, behaved much more like a house cat than a vicious killing machine. Although, once again, I don't care it's still a full grown lion and you could,'t pay me enough to do this. We see the lion literally climb into the safari jeep and start climbing all over the guests. Honestly, it looks like the beast simply wanted a little pet before he continued his long day.

The tourists obliged, pretty much every one in the jeep wanted to get in on the action.

Would you do this??


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