My Two Biggest Fears Were a Reality for Missing Boaters From Louisiana.

Deep water and sharks. Three Louisiana fishermen have one of those once-in-a-lifetime tales to tell their kids and grandchildren. These men set out for a day full of fun and fishing off the coast of southeastern Louisiana but they never returned. Their families knew something was not right when they never showed back up. The families wasted no time in alerting authorities and that is what ultimately saved their lives.

The Coast Guard Sprang Into Action and Launched a Massive Search.

The coast guard flew over 1,250 square miles hoping to find the missing fishermen, they had helicopters from New Orleans and Corpus Christi, Texas on the lookout. Luckily for these men, they were spotted by a helicopter that sent a boat out to retrieve them.

The US Coast Guard Found the Men As They Were Being Actively Attacked By Sharks.

According to, "A Coast Guard rescue boat found two of the men actively fighting off sharks while suffering injuries to both their hands." How much longer could these men have fought off the sharks after suffering so many bites? Two of the men suffered bites on their hands, but all three survived.

If You Want to See the Rescue Footage Check Out the Footage Below. (No You Can't See the Sharks.)

However, the rescue footage is still pretty epic.

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