Chalk this one up for random things you never thought you'd see, but glad you did.

When I think of a lion, I think of a truly unstoppable beast. An animal that fears nothing, and never loses.

When I think of the hippo, I think of the complete opposite of everything I listed above. Naturally, when I read the YouTube headline of this video, I thought it was a typo, seeing as a hippo could never beat a lion. Everyone knows that, it's simple math. One is the unstoppable beast, the other is, well, a hippo.

You can imagine my shock when I realized it was legit, and this hippo may be a real life super hero among his/her species.

The lioness in the video is the intruder, getting far too close to the sleeping hippo. Once the big hippo woke up, it was game on, and that's not good for the nosy lioness. The hippo manhandles the intruder, grabs her by the hear, and tosses her like a rag doll.

The two then went on their separate ways, proving nature is a crazy beast itself.

Check this out!