I had to host my nephews for a weekend and it was expensive. The last few times I had them for an extended period of time went broke. From the picky eating to wanting to jump from wall to wall I always end up exhausted and broke, there isn't much to do with kids that doesn't break the bank these days. Covid-19 killed a lot of fun and we are slowly starting to gain momentum again when it comes to things to do.

Whenever I see the community has something fun and inexpensive to do I leap for joy. Shout out to R.W. Norton Art Gallery for bringing back the wonderful Twilight Talkies experience.

"The Sandlot" will be on the screen tonight, Friday, July 9th. I mean who doesn't love the legendary movie? The movie is the reason I learned my first bad word and I learned a lot about love. I mean, Squints taught us that in order to win over Wendy Peffercorn you have to pretend to drown. That's one way to steal the first kiss.

Take a lawn chair or a blanket and enjoy a classic under the stars with the whole family. You can pick up some grub from some of your favorite food trucks like the Hot Dawg Hut Food Truck, Yeero-Yeero, and Frios Gourmet Pops.

If you're looking for some fun with the family and you guys are itching to get out of the house, check this out! For more information you can follow R.W. Norton Art Gallery on Facebook.

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