Today I learned that in Tazmania you can find crawfish that can weigh up 10 lbs. Not lobster y'all, freshwater crawfish. You're going to need a bigger pot...

So, if you've never heard of Jeremy Wade, he is a "British television presenter, author of books on angling, and a biologist. He is known for his television series River MonstersJungle HooksMighty Rivers, and Dark Waters" from

In this video, Wade is in Tasmania to catch some "Giant Crayfish". He's British, so we won't hold the word "crayfish" against him. Well, he finds what he's looking for, and I'm having a hard time understanding what I'm seeing is real.

The first crawfish he pulls out of the water is estimated to weigh about 2 lbs. One...crawfish. As you'll see, it's definitely not a lobster.

The claws are so powerful on these monster mudbugs they can reportedly take a finger clean off of your hand.

Towards the end of the video, Wade catches the real monster crawfish. If the first one he caught was 2 lbs, the second crawfish has to weigh close to 10 lbs.

I mean, I love big crawfish, but I don't think I'm OK with this.


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