We set out on a mission: To find the absolute worst pothole in town.

It was a very cold Saturday morning in January and I received a call from my friends Josh Munds and Johnny Walker with The Lovely Schmucks. If you're not familiar with these guys, give them a follow asap. They are incredibly funny and produce constant humorous content right here in Shreveport.

They decided they wanted to shoot a video where they found and examined the largest potholes in town, and they called to see if I would join them. I live my life by one simple rule... When the Lovely Schmucks call with an idea, I drop everything and jump onboard.

About 30 minutes later, we were all piled up into the same car on the hunt for some of Shreveport's most famous potholes.

Everyone knows Shreveport has some pretty nasty potholes. In fact, I listed potholes as a reason you know you're entering Shreveport. You can find that list by clicking HERE. So, to begin our journey, we (for some reason) ventured to Home Depot to stock up on pothole measuring supplies. Personally, I believe we simply wasted money. I've been using the same pothole measuring system for years, and the best part is that my method is totally free. I look in the direction of a pothole, and I either say, "Damn that's a huge pothole!" Or I'll say, "That's a nice sized-pothole". Sometimes if my eyes, which are my measuring tool, see a smaller pothole, I'll say, "That's a definitely a pothole, but I've seen bigger." I didn't think we needed to spend money to buy tools to measure these things, but that's what happens when you roll with these guys.

Then our adventure began. Check out these massive Shreveport potholes!





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