If only our wisdom increased in direct proportion to our chronological ages. Alas. Doesn't work that way. Although our knowledge may certainly increase, that also takes a bit of intention to gain after we leave the school buildings. Speaking of knowledge, sometimes it's thought to be the same thing as wisdom, but they're quite different.

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Knowledge is what we gain from education--whether formal or self-taught. But wisdom tends to be gleaned through the process of living life. However far you are on the journey, congrats and kudos to you for the wisdom you've gained thus far. We do automatically gain some wisdom, simply through the process of being alive and walking through hard-learned lessons.

At the same time, when we're dealing with the pressures of life, in those split seconds, we don't always respond from a place of wisdom. I know I don't. I find it takes mindfulness and intention. I bet you've had the experience of seeking to help a friend through something they're dealing with, and the words that pour out of you seem almost inspired. And they are. You're pulling from your wisdom and seeking to impart to your friend the truest things you know about their situation. But in our own lives, it can be harder to discern quickly and we aren't always our "best selves," are we?

The answer is--yes, you are wiser. We can do our best to take time everyday to care for our health--mental, physical, and emotional. We can be mindful. Read. Continue to grow. But don't beat yourself up too bad if you find you're not always a shining beacon of wisdom--whatever your age. After all, going through these moments are, too, a way that you continue to grow in wisdom.

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