The 33rd running of the Super Derby at Harrah's Louisiana Downs is coming up Saturday, September 8th and, as always, fantastic events are surrounding the whole event! Don't forget to rock your derby hat the day of. There's always some unique creations! My favorite event is the Weiner Dog Races! I'm a doxie owner and the only reason your dog will have the chance at winning this year is because mine is afraid of the starting box! My doxie is so fast he catches squirrels (they're a secret army anyways!) So here's the scoop, you're pup doesn't have to race, but costumes are encouraged! Here's the one I found for my doxie, Mikey, this morning on

Saturday, Sept 1st- Come Run in the 5K Gallop at 8am! Register at

Monday, Sept 3rd- Come out to Louisiana Downs to enjoy the Wiener Dog Races and Pet Day. Call Felicity McKenzie at (318) 752-6906 for more information.

Friday, Sept 7th- Come watch movies on the apron at Louisiana Downs at 8:30 PM