According to NBC News, 10 days after the sexting scandal broke, Rep. Anthony Weiner is expected to step down. Does this mean an end to the plethora of eye catching headlines? I hope not! Weinergate has been pure fun, despite the fact he's an elected official expected to uphold high standards... But either way, here are a few of my favorites!!!

Weiner Exposed!!!

Mounting Pressure on Weiner

Weiner's Pickle

Meatless Weiner

Circumcision 2011

Weiner Bares All

Weiner Probe

Weiner Pulls Out

Weiner: I'll Stick It To You

Little Weiner in the Oven

Letting Weiner Shrivel


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did... If you have more, feel free to add to the list!


Just in case you were looking for more Weiner fun!!!