Lord have mercy. I knew I was going to see one, possibly more, but I wasn't prepared for it last night. I have a deep, unrealistic fear of snakes. They give me the heebie jeebies!

If you've listened to my show for any length of time, you know we recently relocated to our horse farm. Snakes happen when you live in the country. It's a part of life. My mother has killed several in the barn over the years. I've seen a few, but have never gotten close. Last night, I was over joyed to be able to get home in time to have some daylight left and put in a ride on my little guy in preparation for our next show. As I was happily rolling down our gravel lane stopping to give my sweet babies their good night carrots, I saw it... A friggin' ginormous snake in the road right in front of our bridge. Okay, fine, it's a big ol' culvert spanning a ditch, but you get the picture. There he was.

I'm not going to lie, we had a stare down and I'm pretty sure he won. He was big, he was brown and we was ugly. I'm proud to say I didn't scream. But I may have wimpered. So what did I do? I shined the head lights from the golf cart on the damn thing and took a picture because I knew my husband would never believe how big this guy was. Of course, I posted it to Facebook too and we all agreed, snakes generally suck. I got past him though. Yes, he did work  himself off the road (somewhat) eventually, but I still backed my cart up and flew past him so fast there was no chance of him striking me. Does it make it worse that I was scared to get out of my cart and run to the house a full 50 feet away? I'm not going to lie, I left all of the lights on in my house for a good hour and slept in my contacts just in case one came slithering up a drain. I didn't want to risk missing while not wearing my glasses. Irrational, I know! It didn't help that Keith was out of town until late last night.

So guess what I'm doing today? I'm buying a pellet gun. One with a shot gun type of action so if I'm totally freaked out, I can't miss. Dear Mr. Snake, you're not invited back!

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