Being the father of an 8 year old in the Shreveport / Bossier City area, is like being an 8 year old in the Shreveport / Bossier City area.  Sure, I take my son to the fun stuff - but seeing him enjoy himself is only 50% of the reason that we do most of the things we do. Living vicariously through the boy is one of the best parts of being father.  For example: we both like Transformers.  I'm not saying that I like robots in disguise more than Deacon, but only one of us has an Optimus Prime tattoo. Yesterday, when the clouds looked to be deciding weather or not to rain, Tracy and I had to decide what to do for my son (me).  That brings me to our weekend adventure, Sci-Port.

Sci-Port is one of those rare teats that is fun and educational for the kids and parents. That may sound like a line out of their pamphlet, but my wife and I found ourselves barely containing astonished noises as we strolled through interactive exhibits like the paper plane creation station and launching range (super freaking cool), the planetarium, and the animals of the Red River where Deacon finally mustered the courage to pet a baby gator.

The folks at Sci-Port do a great job of keeping the exhibits in shape considering there are thousands of visitors everyday - and most of these are meant to be pulled, pushed, bent, exploded, and generally abused to teach kids (and parents) about science in the most fantastic ways.  So much fun, Deacon literally lost his head.

A lot of ninja learning was happening, even when he was pretending to be Godzilla with the little plastic boats in the Red River section of the museum.

All in all, we had a great time.  We learned a lot about the world around us, the boy hung out with other kids, and much exercise was had by all.  As far good family fun goes, this place has it down to a science.  We could have stayed for hours longer, but Deacon gave us the sign that it was time to go by recreating his favorite scene from Titanic: