I am currently in the process of moving to a new place. During the early stages of that process I realized how much junk I have accumulated that I don't even use. Today, I have decided to go through each of the rooms in my current apartment and throw away or put in a donate box of what I don't use or don't need.

This has been so helpful, but then it dawned on me- Why don't I sell some of my nicer things? Well, I could use Facebook or Craigslist. I have never used them before so I wasn't quite sure about it, but then I found this week's featured app called Offer Up.

This app is totally free and easy to use. You can buy and sell items within the app. After you have downloaded the app you set your location.

After you purchase the item you like you can either meet or have the item shipped to you. You can find everything from gently used clothing to furniture. It is definitely something to check out if your are downsizing like me or interested in doing some light shopping.

Click here to find more information about this week's featured app.