I read today that 78% of us saw something around the house that needed fixing or taking care of during the pandemic. Does that ring true for you? I've had a list of things on my refrigerator for so long now that I barely register its presence. Sure, I finally power washed the house, had the weeds sprayed along the fence rows, and cleaned up the flower beds... but I still need to caulk the shower in my master bathroom... and that chore has been on my list for, oh, say, about a year!

The same article from SWNS found that one in ten people that attempted a home DIY project during the lock down ended up making the problem they were trying to fix WORSE! It also turns out that I'm not alone in my procrastination. The study found that the top reasons why we don't tackle a project are lack of money, lack of time, lack of knowledge and a lack of willpower. Bingo! That's me! After all, using a caulk gun can't be THAT hard and there's always YouTube.

So I decided to ask around and see what projects you had on your 'to-do' list that you just hadn't quite mustered the energy to get around to next. Turns out, we're all lazy and I'm okay with that! Here are some of the responses:

Charlotte Huston - Trim some trees and bushes out of the back 40 of my yard
Shane L. Ramsey - Go through the totes I've been dragging around from one new house to another.
Karen Taylor Carlsrud - Clean house blinds... all 12 of them!
Danielle Rae Pomber - Close in the back patio
Travis Warner - Clean the attic... Damn it's hot up there even in the winter
Janice Martin - Replace the flooring in my front rooms
Shawna Longoria - Paint the baseboards
Keith Johnston - Mine says 'make a to-do list' I kind of lost interest after that
Maria Gonzalez - Fix the hole in my living room wall... THE DOG ATE IT!!!

As you can see, we had time during the pandemic to set some lofty goals. Will this be the motivation we needed to check a few things off of our list? Hmmm...

Read the rest Shreveport-Bossier's answers here and feel free to add yours to the list. If enough of us are putting things off, then we're sure to feel better about ourselves, right?

Things to Do While You're Staying at Home

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