Keaton is nine years old, but what he did for Alyx is displayed warmth and love far beyond his age.

Keaton and Alyx share a common love, hockey. The two didn't know each other before this hockey game. Alyx is battling leukemia. She gained the attention of the team and fans at a previous game with her sign that read "Chemo by day, Jets by night."

The team invited her back to their next home game. Keaton was at that same game sitting a few rows up. He had just won an autographed hockey stick. Alyx went down to admire it. But as she returned to her seat, Keaton followed her and gave her the stick.


Of course, all of this was caught on camera and Keaton was then invited to go to the locker room where he was honored with another signed hockey stick. Something he clearly didn't expect, judging by the look on his face.

Bravo to Keaton. And bravo to his parents for growing such a giving heart in him.