One of my favorite things about my side job is watching people let loose on the dance floor. I DJ weddings and I love watching people cut a rug. Unfortunately, I am not light on my feet like most of the people I see that hit the dance floor.


I had mentioned to my partner that we should learn to dance and practice before our wedding. He isn't fond of hitting the dance floor. We both have two left feet and there is no doubt in my mind that we look like two drunkards who just met on the dance floor.

kzenon, ThinkStock Images

I googled "dance lessons for adults in Shreveport and in Bossier" and all that popped up for me were options for dance classes if I had young children. Although I think that I would rock a tutu and do my best to blend in with 4-year-olds, I want to get some dance lessons before my wedding in 2021.

Do you know of any dance instructors who teach couples how to dance? If so please let me know, you can message me by clicking here.