Chances are we know of all the creepy places you can go to feel the heebie-jeebies. Many people choose to spend time in Jefferson, Texas for the haunted ghost tours. Some people swear that JuJu Road off of Swan Lake in Bossier is one of the most haunted places to be. Some people even claim that the late Stocky's Pizza in Haughton was haunted. You can see the surveillance video that people swear is proof of ghosts just click here. There are some places around town that people have heard about for years. Have you ever lived in an old apartment or home that made you know things just weren't quite right? Have you ever worked in a place where you and some co-workers were convinced that there was something going on that was supernatural?

Tell us about the creepiest place you've ever lived, or maybe even worked in? What happened that made you think the building was haunted? Have you ever visited a place that you swear is haunted? Tell us about it, you get extra brownie points if you provide a picture of the place along with your story!

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