I know it may look like I make millions of dollars, but it's slightly less than that.  It's because I sift through the garbage of the most affluent neighborhoods.  I still make a comfortable living, though.  It's a totally appropriate wage, and I am in no way complaining!

Just play along, they're watching.

Like I was saying, I have to watch every dollar.  That's one of the reasons I love the SBC.  There is no lack of amazing things to do, no matter what the budget - even when that budget is zero.

Here are 3 free things to do with the family in the SBC:

1.  The Global Power Museum

This is an incredible adventure.  Weather it's your first time, or your hundredth - this is sure to wow you, and the family.  Even if you are used to seeing some of these gargantuan freedom delivery vehicles in the air above the SBC, you've got to see them up close and in person to truly take in their power.  The inside of the museum is full of cool exhibits dating back to the beginning of Barksdale AFB.  Kids will love the huge interactive jet engine model and B-52 cockpit display.  The outside is a legendary walk with some of the finest birds to fly for Uncle Sam, and at least one that could have flown against him (hint: Top Gun).  Check out more details on my adventure at the Global Power Museum by clicking here.

2.  Red River Wildlife Refuge

Here is another, absolutely free, home-run of a family day out!  Red River Wildlife Refuge in Bossier City is a glimpse into a more natural, Northern-Louisiana riverside ecosystem, and a ridiculous number of perfect pecan trees.  My family had a blast here.  This is, by far, the highest concentration of pecan trees I have ever seen in my life.  Not only is it free, you could actually get something out of your visit there - and I'm not just talking about the education!

 3.  Artspace

This is the next, free adventure for our family.  It comes highly recommended from my very artsy friends.  Their kids (Oberon and Moss) love this place because it exposes them to outside points of view, which is the purpose of art (I think).   With rotating exhibits and artists, you get exposed to a wide array of art in tons of mediums.  Right now, the museum is featuring "The Art Of The Mardi Gras Indians"

Find out more here.

There you have it!  A world of adventure awaits, don't let your budget hold you back!  Scrimp and save, then one day you too could be dining on the very best of Chinese-style noodle pseudo-soups.  They don't call it top-ramen for nothing!