Hey, making history can be stressful.

In a video dated Aug. 9, 1992, and obtained by TMZ, Goldberg reveals during some sort of recording session that she did indeed smoke a joint before the 63rd Annual Academy Awards.

"Smoking cigarettes and pot every now and then are my habits," says the actress, who went on to host the Oscars four times.

"And I thought, 'I've got to relax,'" she says. "So I smoked this wonderful joint that was the last of my home-grown."

But then, of all things, she won!

"When [Washington] said my name and I popped up, I thought, 'Oh f--k...OK, up the stairs...around to the podium...there's millions of people, pick up the statue, get the statue."

And she did, without incident, saying, "Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this. You don't know!" She even remembered to thank everybody, including Paramount, Jerry Zucker, Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and "everybody who makes movies."

Interesting enough, she also says in the 1992 video: "I know you're not supposed to admit that you smoke pot, but I don't drink alcohol. Just because I do it doesn't mean you should."

Somehow, we have a sneaking suspicion of what the next hot topic on The View is going to be.

Courtesy of eonline.com.