Why Are Certain Businesses in Bossier Being so Weird About Cash?

Recently I went to one of my favorite places for a quick dinner and I walked away with a weird unsettled feeling. Everything was fine, but I missed an alert posted out front of the eatery, I say I missed the sign because clearly, I was not the only one who missed it.

I walked up and ordered my food. By the time I made it to the cashier, there was a hold-up. A gentleman was being asked for exact change or he had to use a card. The man was going through his wallet and checking his pockets frantically. $14.17 was what he needed. I checked my pockets and my friend checked hers as well, at this point the man had a $20 bill and another $12 in cash. They refused to take his $20 because they couldn't break it. The cashier pointed toward the sign and said we can't take cash unless it's the exact amount. You need $2.17.

I Only Stepped In Because I Was Annoyed.

I put the man's meal on my ticket and he handed me what cash he had and you could tell he was clearly frustrated. We got to talking after we walked away from the counter and he explained that this was the second location on Airline drive that has demanded the exact amount or they won't sell you the product. I strictly use cash for my "treats" which include going out to dinner during the week. I avoid putting it on a card at all costs.

Since When is Cash Not King?

In no way am I trying to bash a business I know that we are all trying to make a dollar, and it’s getting hard for some of us. However, I cannot believe how difficult we are making it for so many people like myself who carry cash and strictly use cash for certain purchases. Not everybody has credit cards and what happens if someone has to use a debit card and the card is declined?

Why Are Businesses Avoiding Taking Cash in Bossier?

We would love some clarity on this. Maybe there is a good point we are all missing here.


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