Summer vacation is a special time when you take a little time for yourself, maybe get the family together and get out of town.  Even though the number of Americans who can afford and also get time off is at a record low, hundreds of thousands of us hit the road when the days get long - even if it is for only a week.  While Mexico and Canada are the top 2 destinations for summer escapists across the board - Louisiana likes to get a little exotic.

Citizens of the Bayou State are way more likely to head to Honduras, the Palestinian Authority, and Panama than the residents of any other state.  Since the summer of 2012, Facebook has tracked your "Check-ins," while you are on vacation!  According to the New York Times, they have crunched that data to see the most likely vacation spots for each state.  Folks from Utah like the tiny island nation of Tonga, and people that hail from Kansas love them some Germany!

Researchers believe this is due to the sizable ethnic populations that exist in each of these states.  Utah has quite a few transplants of the Tongonian variety, for example.   New Orleans in particular, is home to a very large population of Honduran immigrants. The surge in favoritism for a particular location, could simply be folks getting homesick.