These two out were, honestly, the only thing I needed to see on that field last night.

Don't worry, I'm not going to get political on you. Actually, I'm going to go a different direction with this... the direction of love. During the pregame festivities on last night's Super Bowl 51, we saw George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara make their way onto the field to perform the ceremonial coin toss.

What a sight they were!

Let's think about some things here. First of all, both of these two are in their 90s. George is 92 and Barbara is 91. Second, they were both hospitalized at the beginning of the year. However, they both proved healthy enough to be on that field.


I dove deeper into their relationship. George and Barbara were married in 1945 when Barbara was just 17 years old and George was 18. They married before he went off to war. How romantic is that? George was shot down over the Pacific while serving in the Navy. He was rescued by a submarine before being brought home. He is a decorated war veteran and I think of Barbara waiting anxiously for her man to return.

They have been married now for 72 years. In fact, they just celebrated their wedding anniversary in January.

This is what made their presence so incredible to me. They were a beacon of love, loyalty and utter devotion to one another. I can't help, but think about the two of them doing life together and looking at one another, seeing countless memories in each other's eyes. What a beautiful picture we received last night.

And just before Valentine's Day no less.


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