Ladies, I am a guy, so understand, I do not claim to understand the problem with cellulite. However, I have learned from my Mom, ex-girlfriends and my wife about the battle against cellulite. Well, if you are ready to fight back against cellulite with a new pair of jeans from Wrangler that is hitting store. And who wouldn't be ready for that?

These new cellulite fighting jeans are called "Denim Spa Therapy For Legs". According to Wrangler, the jeans are, "infused with moisturizing and slimming ingredients". Ingredients? Yep, like "algae extracts, retinol, and caffeine."

Wrangler claims that of the women who wore the jeans for four weeks (5 days each week), 69% of women said their thighs looked SLIMMER and LESS MARBLED.

Don't get to excited, there is a downside, the anti-cellulite effect only lasts through four to six washes. After that point, you can still wear the jeans, but at that point, they are just regular old jeans, not the "Thunder Thigh Thinners" that you purchased at $135 a pair....yes, $135 for 4-6 washings...YIKES!!!

Check in with your favorite short in Pierre Bossier Mall, Mall of St. Vincent or Louisiana Boardwalk, as they are set to go on sale in the next few weeks.

One thing to keep in mind, the person modeling these cellulite fighting jeans is none other than the daughter of Sir Mick Jagger, Lizzie Jagger. I don't know about you, but something tells me, that she isn't in need of these jeans' magical powers. Or MAYBE she is just doing her part to prevent the problem...probably not.