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In case you haven't heard, Taylor Swift just kicked off the biggest concert extravaganza in the world with her 'Eras Tour'. According to all accounts, it's one of the best stage shows and performances in recent memory. Sadly, a lot of folks are going to miss out on the festivities because tickets went so quickly.

If you don't have tickets to see Taylor at AT&T Stadium on April 1st or 2nd, well today may be your lucky day. The K945 Ticket Fairy will be making a random appearances over the next 2 weeks thanks to Johnny's Pizza (Monday 3/20 - Friday 3/31) to hook you up with tickets. Will he pop up at 7 am? 10 pm? Monday? Wednesday? You NEVER know. So, to catch the tickets fairy and score tickets to see Taylor Swift in Arlington here's what you need to do:

  • Listen to K945 as much as humanly possible (If you don't have the app, download it here)
  • When you hear the Ticket Fairy, call 320-94FM and be caller #94. If you don't get through keep calling.
  • Keep trying and keep listening

Sounds pretty simple right? But, here's the key - you NEVER KNOW when the ticket fairy will pop up. So make sure you stay tuned to K945. The Fairy has 5 pairs of tickets, so you have plenty of chances to win.

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