File this one under things that you never knew you needed to see, but definitely do.

There's something humorous, to me anyway, about two inanimate objects "fighting" each other. There's just something that cracks me up about stuff like this, and I can't explain why. I just enjoy it and I hope there's someone out there that agrees with me.

This video in particular has had me cracking up over the last hour. I watched it originally a few times, then wen't back to work. However, I found myself wanted to go back and watch the clip again and again and again.

This clip is a couple weeks old and comes to us from Oregon. It shows two inflatable snowmen getting knocked around by the wind, which in-turn causes them to bash each other relentlessly. It's a battle, do doubt, but one snowman definitely has the edge and is on the way to victory.

Check it out!



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