Sorry, but the lady had it coming.

In a now-viral video, we see an armed guard at Windsor Castle shove an oblivious woman. Lets's start here. This guard is exactly that. He is a guard, a fully-trained armed soldier who has no time for a tourist and their shenanigans.

This woman decided that she would cross over a rope, to pose for photos. Unfortunately, she chose the absolute wrong time to break the rules and cross the line. Indeed she crossed more than one line with her decision to pose for pics, and she paid a little price for it.

I say little because all-in-all, I believe her fate could have been much worse. I believe she could have been detained, and maybe should have, but this guard thought a lesser punishment was in order.

She, of course, was standing directly in his path, with her back turned towards him. So as he approached her and she made no moves, he shoved her pretty hard from behind, causing a loud screech from the oblivious tourist.

You have to see this!


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