Every Sunday during The Ginger Bread House, I discusses a strange topic that is floating around the news in a segment I like to call "Crypto Corner". This is a safe space where I can let my weird self shine and talk about things that truly interest me: Bigfoot, the lochness monster, ghosts, and maybe even aliens.

This Sunday I discussed a wolf-like creature that was found in Montana, according to Huffington Post. The Wild Life officials said it was very wolf like but the there are features about the animal that don't make sense. Check out the news broadcast in the video below.

As you can tell from news broadcaster he is very confused by the mystery. I can't help but giggle when he says "What the heck is it?".

Of course with my strange brain I am hoping that it is something from the creepy side of things. It definitely is not a chupacabra because of the amount of hair that is on the animal.

Accourding to the news broadcaster in the video above, the officials sent off DNA samples for a better understanding of what this creature is. However, they suspect that it is a wolf-dog hybrid.