I really don't like drones and drone flyers. That's why this video has brought me so much happiness today.

To me, there's nothing worse than an idiot flying a drone for fun. There are usually grown-ups who spend all of their time showing off their stupid flying machine. Maybe I'm being harsh, and the truth is, I can't really explain why I hate them so much... I just do.

Some drone-owning tourist rented a castle in France recently (as if owning a drone wasn't lame enough, they rented a freaking castle!)

They were fling their video-drone around the grounds, probably to show off the footage to all their poor friends, when a woman in the video got a dose of instant-karma.

As the drone flew overhead, she was posing near a fountain and really letting loose. She was owning that footage, strutting backwards with her tongue out when all of sudden... SPLASH.

Yep, she hilariously fell backwards into the fountain.

You have to see this!