Men and women reading this... You don't have to waterski barefoot to be cool, you're pretty cool as it is.

Yep, here we are in the thick of summer and everyone on the lake wants everyone else to know how badass they are. Seriously, if you don't believe me, go to Cross Lake this weekend. These types of fails happen every hour out there, all because some people don't know their own limits.

Look, there's nothing wrong than straddling an inner-tube and holding on as long as you can... Why are we making water-fun so difficult.

Now we have bars that hang off the side of a boat, so people can try to hold on at high speeds... Because what could go wrong?

Well, this video should clear that last question up.

In the clip, we see a girl try it out while barefoot. However, once her feet hit the water, she was long gone. Quickly.

Check this out!


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