When I was a little boy, I thought that the world we live in today would have a lot more giant robots.  It's more than a little disappointing that we don't have a Giant Robot Fighting League (or a GRFL for short), but there is a ray of hope. Though a little late to the party for my tastes, we do have giant robots now - and it looks like they are getting ready to settle their differences the human way (with violence).

This grudge match has roots that go back to 2015 when the American based robot company Megabots challenged Japanese manufacturer Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s giant robot named Kuratas.  Since it would be easy to strap a bunch of machine guns, missles, flamethrowers, and/or slingshots to these machines and let them settle their differences at a distance - this fight is focusing on the machines ability to "melee."  This is a term that refers to the robotic suits ability to cause physical damage the old fashioned way - with metal fists and other appendages that don't fire projectiles.  MegaBots 12 feet tall Eagle Prime will employ a huge claw and a good ole' American chainsaw!  The Kuratas will also use a claw and a very dexterous five-fingered hand that can wield gigantic weapons like a sword or mace!  Check out the videos below to get a better idea of what these colossal metal beasts can do!

You can check out the fight 10/17 at 9 pm central on Twitch.

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