Award Night After Party - 12th Zurich Film Festival
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Drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Exercise.  Don't smoke at all.  Don't drink excessive amounts of alcohol.  Eat less red meat, and more brussel sprouts.  This is the kind of advice you expect to follow if your goal is to live as long as possible, right?  Then maybe you can explain to me how World War II vet Richard Overton of Austin Texas is celebrating his 111th birthday just like he celebrates every day - 12 Tampa Sweet cigars, some bourbon, fried foods, and a little flirting with the nurses that make sure he is a-ok.

What's the secret of living that long?  I'm not quite sure that following Mr. Overton's recipe for longevity will work for everyone.  Dallas News reports that he wakes up at 3 am and starts smoking cigars and drinking up to 4 cups of coffee.  His caretakers make him grits and glass of whole milk for breakfast, then pretty much anything he wants for lunch and dinner.  His favorite choices are fried catfish, meatloaf, and chicken.  He spends the rest of his day sipping whiskey and smoking cigars on his front porch.

At his 111th birthday party he received about 40 bottles of whiskey and a special surprise from the city of Austin itself.  He now lives on Richard Overton Avenue.  That's right, all 200 attendants had to make their way down a street named after the guy they came to celebrate!

All-in-all, the oldest living WWII veteran is still enjoying life - not just living.  I can't wait to tell my doctor about this guy.

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