With the posting of the "Golden Girls" house coming up for sale, it made me think of which television show "locales" I'd like to visit.

Granted, the "Golden Girls" house is a real house, but the show wasn't filmed IN that house; they just used the front of the house in the intro to the show.

Most houses on television shows are used for exterior shots only, but there are some used for exterior and interior shots. One of those is on this list and has a unique staircase that is instantly recognizable.

Google Maps gives us a view of the television show locations I'd like to visit.


If you do happen to go to these locations, please be considerate when visiting and remember that the homes are private property.

If I had to add only one to my bucket list, to visit the set of M*A*S*H would be the one. I liked the other shows, but M*A*S*H beats them all by a mile!