The action comedy "2 Guns", starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, blasted its way to the top spot in this weekend's box office by taking in $27.3 million in its debut week.

Last week's No. 1, "The Wolverine", fell to second place with $21.7 million, and the family flick "Smurfs 2" came in third with $18.2 million.

The top ten:

"2 Guns," $27.3 million
"The Wolverine," $21.7 million
"The Smurfs," $18.2 million
"The Conjuring," $13.6 million
"Despicable Me 2," $10.3 million
"Grown Ups 2," $8.1 million
"Turbo," $6.4 million
"Red 2," $5.6 million
"The Heat," $4.7 million
"Pacific Rim," $4.5 million