We can't dispute how awesome Anthony Weiner's sexting and chatting profile name "Carlos Danger" is. What he did was definitely gross and wrong, but what a name! It's daring, mysterious and alluring.

Slate has concocted a Carlos Danger Name Generator for the rest of us looking for new online handles. We plugged in our own real names into the Carlos Danger name generator out of sheer curiosity (and because we need a little ego boost) and were very happy with the results.

Bristol's Carlos Danger pseudonym is Fernando Jeopardy. Stifler got the name Efraín Badass. Just call JB Foxx Mariano Covert from now on. And Kramer is Cesar Gamble.

We also typed in the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew's names into the Carlos Danger name generator. The results were hilarious.

Kidd Kraddick is Raphael Jeopardy, Kellie Rabserry is Armando Adventure, Big Al Mack is Ignacio Risk, Jenna is Miguel Ángel Hazard and J-Si is Narciso Dynamite.

Try out the Carlos Danger Name Generator for yourself and leave your sexy new name in the comment section below.