Can downloading certain apps make you cool? Absolutely! Check out some great apps that up a person's cool factor.

Kellie Rasberry's favorite apps are Hairy Face Salon and Bookworm. The former lets you pop pimples and clean wax out of ears (gross!), and the latter is a fun little word puzzle game.

Big Al chose Toilet Time, which bills itself as "mini games to play in the bathroom." Everyone poops, so it only makes sense to have something to pass the time while you're doing it! He also chose Dog Translator, the app that shows a dog's feelings...maybe.

Meanwhile, J-Si picked Boom Beach, which lets players protect an island and try to take over others. He also has a thing for Kidding Mo -- a prank call app sure to infuriate friends.

Last but not least, Jenna had a few different apps she loves and -- surprise -- they are all for enhancing photos: Camera+,  Snapseed, VSCO CamSquare FX and the selfie-enhancing moreBeaute2.