What’s App-ening

What’s App-ening: Dogo
This week's featured app of the week is for folks like me who haven't found the time for obedience training but want to teach their dog a few things.
What’s App-ening: Albert
What makes this app unique is that it acts as your sassy best friend who lets you know if you have a few dollars to get that Starbucks or if it is the day to save money.
What’s App-ening: UVI Mate
With red hair and fair skin- the sun is my enemy. If you are in the same boat I am then you are going to appreciate this week's featured app.
What’s App-ening: Pack Point
This is perfect for someone who allows forgets something on a trip, like me. I always forget something. Usually it is my phone charger, but with this app I won't forget.

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