Do you even lift, bro? Well this guy doesn't lift, he pulls, and he pulls better than anyone in the history of the world.

We've all had pull-up battle with out friends in weak attempts to show off our lackluster strength. It's the classic guy thing to do. See a pole? Do pull-ups. At a children's playground that has monkey bars? Do pull-ups.

Every man on this planet has done pull-ups, and now, after this YouTube video, we've all been OWNED.

A guy named Adam Sandel has broken the Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in a single minute. The previous record was 50, and al Adam needed to break that record was 51.

So he did exactly that.

Sandel finished with exactly 51, perfect form pull-ups making him the greatest ever.

That number may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but considering it would take me about 20 years to do 50 pull-ups, I'm impressed.

Check out his form in the record-breaking video below.