We got to know Hot Chelle Rae at Practice Safe Text last August and fell in love with the guys! They were totally into what we were trying to do and wanted to help keep our listeners safe, too! (BTW, K945 won the Promotion of the Year Award from the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters for their efforts!!!) When we did Practice Safe Text, Hot Chelle Rae were new on the scene with their song Bleed. Now they're back with Tonight Tonight which you can hear on K945! Check out their new video now! BTW, HUGE thanks to Jive Records for bringing HCR in to play!

BTW, that is Chord Overstreet from Glee! He made a special appearance because Nash in HCR is his brother;)

Stu and Jasen engineered the sound check for HCR and gave us a sneak peek of what happens prior to show time!

Logan was the cutest! He was at Practice Safe Text and before HCR took the stage, he stole the show. I wish I had those skills as an adult, much less at his age! We love our K945 listeners!