shreveport captains

Does Everyone Miss The Shreveport Captains as Much as Me?
The Major League Baseball 2016 opening day is only a couple weeks off. It's scheduled for Sunday, April 3, 2016, and being the baseball freak I am, thinking of its coming stirred my longing for the days of old. The days the Shreveport Captains were the kings of the Texas League.
K945’s Practice Safe Text Is TOMORROW!!! (VIDEO)
Jay from the night show is heading out to local schools to hand out fliers for tomorrow night's event. Bristol, Kayla and Gabe are loading up the vans with banners, t-shirts and giveaways. Stu is loading up the PA so you can hear Andy Grammer and Manika loud and clear. What's it all about?…
Local Man Found Safe In Baton Rouge
Thank goodness! There were a lot of people worried about Robert Gusick!!! Gusick is the assistant GM of the Shreveport Captain's. Gusick was last seen Saturday and has now been safely found in Baton Rouge.
Hot Chelle Rae Tonight Tonight (VIDEO)
We got to know Hot Chelle Rae at Practice Safe Text last August and fell in love with the guys! They were totally into what we were trying to do and wanted to help keep our listeners safe, too! (BTW, K945 won the Promotion of the Year Award from the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters for their ef…