I am by no stretch arts and crafty. I am however a man in love with a woman who loves some Harry Potter. I heard from her friend that this is the perfect way to propose to my love. So I gave it my best. Here's what I did and some stuff I wish I would have done.

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    Buy Supplies

    The first and most obvious starting point is buying all the supplies. Shopping list: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (hard-cover don't skimp on the woman you love), exacto knife, 2 containers of super glue (bottle with the brush), some sort of ribbon, hobby glue.

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    Let us begin.

    You have all the supplies? Great ... put away your magic wands and open up Half Blood Prince to the start of the Unbreakable Vow chapter (and do what I didn't do) cut that sucker out! Then place it to the side in a safe spot. Now that your page is safe it's time for the critical first cut. Once you cut this book there's no returning it to Books-A-Million and asking for a refund. A good rule of thumb is use the vertical text borders. Then go make your cut right below the picture of the ... picture. Then to the bottom of the page pretend your underlining one of the lines to make your final cut.

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    Nice Start ... Now you need time, a whole lot of precious time. To do it right child.

    Now that you have your starter box turn on your radio and get cutting. Cutting to approximately page 300 took me 3 hours. Really focus on the corners making little cuts and work your way on down. (Go ahead ... I'll wait.) ... ... .. ... Done already? You did it in fantastic time and look at how smoothly you did it too. Why if I didn't know any better I'd think you was Martha Stewart. If you have any rough spots keep working on it with your exacto knife. (Note: I suggested removing the unbreakable vow chapter so that you would avoid cutting through the page as you work your way down. I cut the actual chapter page and honestly it's a little thing but I wish I would have thought of taking that page out sooner.)

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    It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's Super Glue!!

    Well hey lookie there you're almost done! Way to go! Next get the unbreakable vow page from it's safe spot and glue that page in with a little bit of super glue. Now for the ribbon and hobby glue (Super glue didn't do it for me .. but then I got a weird round ribbon). Take a 3-4 inches strand of ribbon and hobby glue that sucker in between the pages. Boom! DONE! ... Not so fast bucko.

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    Breathe Deeply ... if you enjoy stinky.

    Unbreakable vow page set? Ribbon in place? Good work. Now lets glue the pages together so that the flimsy-ness that was once a literary master piece of teen fiction into a safe to hide your ring. Go all the back to page one. Shut the book. hold it as tight as you can ... if you have c-clamps in your tool box they would probably come in handy right now. Clamp that book down open a window and pour ... that's right POUR all that superglue into the pages on the side. Use the brush to smooth it out. Make sure chant: "Alohomora Engagement-achorra!!" as you do. Not that it does anything magical unless you count your neighbor walking by your window say "Bless you!" as magic. (Just call me David Copperfield [as in the magician not the kid from the Charles Dickinson book])