There are two things I've struggled with personally for a long time: Smoking and my weight. I'm the first one to tell you that smoking is a nasty habit... and I'm a smoker. I don't want to be, but I am. Plus, I've taken off the weight to put it back on more times than I can count. I've been incredibly successful with NoDiet, but they ended the endorsement because they weren't selling enough product in our area. What's a girl to do? As I inch upwards in age, it's harder and harder to take the weight off. I'm active, but I love to eat. And it doesn't help that my husband and his daughter would rather eat shoe leather than a vegetable. I've put on 40lbs since I've been married... That's a lot in four years, and it's not good for your marriage, either. So, I'm going to try hypnotherapy tomorrow night at the Craig Burnham seminar. It's at the Courtyard Marriott off of Pines Road. It starts at 7pm with check in at 6:30pm. It's $75 cash or credit. Seems a small price after all the money I've spent on cigarettes, weight loss programs, Chantix, etc... I'm really hoping this works. Keith smokes, my mom smokes, my brother smokes, my Gigi smokes... It's hard being the only one in a room NOT smoking. And to be frank, I'm scared to death I'll replace smoking with food. After all, I don't want to eliminate one problem to make the other one even worse! Here's hoping Craig and I are successful together... and here's hoping I have a much happier and healthier 2011. My mother quit smoking for six years after hypnotherapy. I'm hoping I can be as successful. And for those who are wondering why I said my mom smokes, it's because she does. The day my father died I gave her one (a cigarette) and she was off the wagon. I'm hoping my making the commitment will inspire her. Keith (my husband) just isn't ready to quit right now, but I can't wait on him. I'm pretty stubborn, but I get it honestly. I'm thinking if they can 'hypnotize' my mom, they should be able to work with me. Who's with me? (FYI, I am in no way getting paid to post this, I'm just super hopeful Craig can help me turn my life around.) BTW, I'm posting some links and video I found helpful below;) I do believe in the power of positive suggestion!

Emile Coue - They call him the father of hypnotherapy