This morning was magical with Shilo Kopp. She and her parents, Shawn and Rachel, came out to help raise money in front of the Plex on Airline Drive in Bossier City for Kidd's Kids Day. Shilo is one of this year's Kidd's Kids. She has Job's Syndrome. It's extremely rare, like Shilo is. I can't imagine being six years old (going on seven!) and going through what she already has in her short life. She runs, she plays, she enjoys life to the fullest. Her favorite Disney Princess is Sleeping Beauty.  According to her  mother, Shilo wasn't able to do what she could do this morning even a week and a half ago. It's part of Job's. They suppress the immune system so she can have some good times in between outbreaks. God love this little girl. She (and her family) are truly precious. We're routing for you all! Please find it in your heart to help Shilo and little girls and boys just like her 'stockpile memories' with she and her family while they can. It's worth skipping lunch for, right? Text 'Kidd' to 52000 right now to make a $10 donation. Thank you.